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How it Works

Follow colour-coded trails to find as many flags as you can, collect points at each one. You must get back to the finish before your time limit or lose penalty points.

1. Choose your run length & start time:

2. Collect your route card and electronic dibber

Route cards have easy to follow underground-style maps showing the location of flags on the marked trails. Dibbers are small plastic devices that you use to record the flags you have found.

3. Follow the trails

The routes are marked with bio-degradable coloured flour and are easy to follow so you won't need a compass or any special skills. You can follow any trail in any direction. The colours indicate the points value of flags on each route.

4. Find flags

Each flag has a control box that you insert your dibber into to record that you have found it.

5. Return to the start

Find your way back to the start before your time runs out at 5pm. 10 points will be deducted for every minute you are late.
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