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...awesome event. Outstanding!
Thank you so much for an awesome event. Outstanding!
Our first time, but we're going to make it a regular family occasion from now on.
Please find attached our photo, just before takeoff.
Many thanks to the fantastic team, great food. Brilliant vibe.
Moustached Ninjas
Interesting Format
The 2012 Mendip Mashup was my first, and I greatly enjoyed participating. I can only imagine how much time and effort goes into planning and organising the event.
Could you pass on my thanks to all your tremendous helpers and marshals?
As a participant it all went very smoothly. The format was interesting and I particularly liked the ability to view the map in advance and so try and think through optimal routes. I thought the spread of checkpoints was well judged to cater for the many different levels of participants.
David Hunt
Wonderful friendly atmosphere
Just a short note to express my appreciation of everybody who put in so much effort to organise the event. My fellow Sagamites and I had a fabulous weekend despite the weather - it was a wonderful friendly atmosphere, held in a beautiful area to run in.
See you next year when we WILL train properly!
The Sagamites
Four years on and still enjoying it
Another great day Martin, thankyou! Think I've done four Mashups now - always great fun - did it on my own this year and managed not to get lost or lose my dibber!
Will look forward to next year!
Gill Jones


My first Mashup but certainly not my last
Review for Quantock Orienteering's Newsletter here.
Garry Wakeling
The most fun cross country event ever!
Yet another superb Mashup. This really is a favourite event. Stunning scenery in the wilder side of the Mendip Hills, great company, family friendly, free beer (the winner's weight in beer is shared out) and funds for a really good cause - Cystic Fibrosis Trust, in memory of a little girl called Lizzie. The Somer Fillies romped home with a respectable 340 points, which is an improvement on last year, but still 200 short of the win! We'll be back with a better route plan next year....
Fidgety Feet (via Runners World)
Great fun, great atmosphere and location
Can't fault this event. Whether you are a seasoned runner or a family out for a good walk, there's something for everyone in this race against the clock. Atmosphere was fun and friendly, even the rain held off. The view from the Beacon is worth the pain of the climb. All in aid of a worthy cause. Thank you to the organizers.
Rodehillberry (via Runners World)
Do these shoes go with my nail varnish?
I don’t know what hotline the organisers have to the weather gods but I spent the morning watching rain lash against my window, as I drove past the airport to get to the start I was almost washed away and when we started the sun was beating down and all was right with the world !!!
Executed “plan A” for the first time this year, unfortunately this plan involved me getting to a point and making a decision on how to optimise the time left. Being a bloke this almost impossible for me so spent the last hour in a turmoil of self doubt (have I gone too far out? Will I get back with no unused checkpoints in sight with 20 minutes to spare? Do these shoes go with my nail varnish? That sort of thing) but all was well checking in @ 2:59 without having to kill myself to do so.
I don’t know if it is me or the organisers are getting more sneaky in placing the “hidden” flags. Found none this year and, on seeing the completed map, realised I had passed within metres of several. Again a great big thank you to the team for organising what I’m sure will become a permanent fixture on the summer calendar along with Glastonbury, Glyndebourne and Henley.
Ironman1984 (via Runners World)


Such an amazing event, a great party after and a great cause!!
I love it, I love it, I love it!! Such a tough challenge to run for three hours up some seriously steep hills, but the glorious scenery and atmosphere among the competitors more than makes up for it. I didn't win, so unfortunately didn't walk away with my weight in beer, but I'll have to pile on a few pounds before next year now I know the terrain and some of the routes. Only problem was with my map reading, although I'll plead not guilty to it being my fault since the sweat pouring from me was responsible for rubbing out some vital details on the cardboard map!!! Never mind though, I'll be back...
Alan Williams (via Runners World)
Probably my favourite event - good fun
This event is unlike any other I've been to. It has a great atmosphere, a good mix of challenges and you take it as seriously as you want. After the running was over, everyone was busy comparing where they got lost while drinking the free beer.
Mike Scadding (via Runners World)
Second year just as good
Having learnt my lesson from last year I, at least, remained on the course for the whole 3 hours but still didn't "execute my plan" which is a large part of the appeal of this event that you constantly make judgments about your capabilities against your ambition. I was running alone but still experienced a great sense of fellow feeling as I made and dissolved alliances along the way. This is a personal challenge not a race as such and, consequently, everyone gets out of it exactly what they want / put into it (with a bit of interest in the form of the beer and band after). As I said last year this event would bring me back on its own merits however the fact that it is a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis just puts it on the top shelf.
Ironman1984 (via Runners World)
It doesn't get better than this
perfect day, great weather, glorious scenery, fun with maps and finding flags dotted around the wilder end of the Mendip hills. And free beer! what more could you want????
Fidgety Feet (via Runners World)
Fantastic Time
I thought I should email you to thank you so much for the mashup this weekend - we had a fantastic time. You and your team seemed to have everythng sorted - the course was good, the food was stunning, the bar and bands were great - even the weather was well planned! The level of effort you put in ensured that we all had a relaxing weekend with everything taken care of - we even won a prize! I will be putting next years event on the calendar, and encouraging my TACH teammates to come along as well. Please relay my thanks to all who helped out
Mark Wilkins, TACH
Daisy the dotty dog
Many thanks Martin for staging such an enjoyable event. We didn't win but Daisy the dotty dog must have been the top scoring dog on the 2 hour run - will nothing tire her out!? and we met some great people as well. I am including a write up of the event in our newsletter this week and I am sure there will be a bigger turnout from Crewkerne Running Club next year.
Richard Blackmore, Crewkerne Running Club
Definitely by back
I had a great time on Saturday at the 2010 Mendip Mashup - thank you to all who organised such a successful and fun event! I will definitely be back next year and have already started thinking about how I could have got more points!
Liz Mellet, BOK
Wounded but happy
Despite getting injured and having to walk ~2.5-miles back to base (for which I was docked 270pts for being late) I still enjoyed the event. As soon as the blisters heal and muscles soothed I shall start planning my return in 2011 - well done Martin & team
Darren Wrintmore (via Runners World)
Raving Friends
We had a great time and will definitely be back next year. Its a great event and all our friends can't rave about it more! Well done you for all the organising
Kelley Family, Bath
Brilliantly Organised
I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic event on Saturday. It was a wonderful event, brilliantly organised and we had a great time. We hope we get the chance to participate again next year!!! And bring friends.
Juliette & Jason Leeks


For Hash get Mash
Any race that gives you a chance to visit a Velvet Bottom gets my interest!...
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Avon Valley July Newsletter
The Best Trail/Orienteering race in the area.
The great thing about this race is that you can make it as hard or as easy as you want, but either way you will have a great time and the views are great. Not to mention the free beer afterwards and a great live band and party. Bring on next year.
Greg Brock, Cheddar Running Club
Best way to have massive fun whilst vertical.
Never has so much fun been had by so many in so short a time. Support, organisation, catering, facilities and free beer all exemplary.
Bob Powell, Wells City Harriers
Outstanding - trail events just don't get better than this.
In it's second year and gathering popularity. Something for everyone - from fast hashers to families and walkers. Some fabulous scenery including moorland, mine workings and woodland - no shortage of hills, and one big party in the evening. Great - my team will be back next year!
Fidgety Feet (via Runners World)
Running, summer sunshine
Running, summer sunshine, the Mendips, great beer, lovely company and a fund raiser as well. Thanks to Martin and Co again.. Thanks
John B (via Runners World)
...though I have learnt lessons for next time.
Richard N (via Runners World)
Stunningly well organised and terrific day out
Nick Ajderian (BOK)
Fun, fun, fun!
Interesting and varied territory - wish we'd stayed for the beer and BBQ, but we will in 2010!
Obviously loads of hard work has gone into organising this event and it made it a great day out! Consciencious route markings and teasingly located flags to track down meant some thought required as well as running a good distance (3 hours). Bit of a shame that some cheeky devil nicked one of the flags - but that's folk for you!
Sue C (via Runners World)
Great running followed by a great party.
With 1,2 or 3 hour options either walking or running this event is suitable for all fitness levels and great for families too. Atmosphere was really friendly and plenty more fun to be had in the evening if you stay on for the beer and bands. Organisation was excellent, well done and thanks Martin and team. We'll be back next year.
annejacko (via Runners World)
Just to say thanks for a great afternoons sport. Will certainly be back next year if I am free that weekend and will recommend to the rest of Poole Runners and the local orienteering clubs.
Gavin Clegg, Poole Runners.


Nothing but feelgood
This was my first time doing this event (3 hour run) and loved every crazy minutes of it. From the start when I was the only one heading in the direction I had planed then finding myself going the "wrong way" round the course (the best laid plans of mice and men) to my crazy stumble to get home "only" 30 minutes late because I had got seriously lost and started exploring off the map - well D'OH. The weather was superb and I suspect this would be a very different event if it had rained during the previous week or on the day. Everyone was most welcoming and the fact that it is a charitable fund raiser just adds to the sense that this is an event that has got it right. Well worth missing the Loins game for!!!
ironman 1984 (via Runners World)
Scope for all
Hashing-type race with scope for all from walkers to 3-hr endurance racers. Great fun, great beer and a lovely campsite. An excellent weekend!
Guiness (via Runners World)
A great event and fantastic day out for the family.
What can I say other than this was one of the best events that I have ever taken part in. Fun was the essence of the day (and night) and it was there in bucket loads. Running through the Mendips looking for marker flags (pity some toe-rag nicked #2) and trying to beat the clock.
Darren Wrintmore, Avon Valley Runners
Fun Fun Fun!!!
What a crackin' event...3, 2 or 1 hour options..basically I ran about for 3 hours with an easy to follow map (Hmmmm..until you get to the red flags!!)...and find flags..easy? I'll leave that for you to decide. Mendip hills are beautiful..camping at the end of race, overnight stay and a race supper, a great way to spend 24 hrs. NOTE: This race is described as trail which is correct but they appear to have missed out that some of the flags are in the middle of fields!..Flag 21 and 17 comes to mind (twisted ankle!)...but..this just added to the fun.
Mick F (via Runners World)
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